About The Creators

Hello there! Our names are Leah and Laura and we are both Cincinnati nativ(es) with a passion for environmental sustainability and healthy living. 

We are a small business based in Cincinnati, Ohio that artfully curates personal care products from whole plant materials.

Our intention is to share with our community truly healthy products that are sustainably produced, from the moment of harvest to the moment the package arrives on your doorstep.



I grew up running around my backyard barefoot, playing with worms and catching fireflies. My love for nature became even more evident as I excelled in science classes, was an avid member of the Ecology Club, and helped create a school garden at my alma mater, McNicholas High School. 

Despite having many things to enjoy in my youth, one painful part of my early years was the state of my skin. Most of the upper half of my body was covered in acne including my face, shoulders, chest and back. I used most products in the long acne aisle at Walgreens, went to dermatologists and was put on antibiotics, Accutane, and finally hormonal birth control. It was bad. And the worst part was nothing worked long-term. 

It was only after I committed to living a healthier lifestyle - mainly, cutting out all processed foods, grains and sugar and focusing on eating lots of vegetables and high quality meat, as well as consistently sleeping eight hours a night - did my acne prone skin finally stay away for good. Now I’m amazed when people compliment me on my clear complexion considering that for many years I had lived with embarrassingly, bumpy skin.

Despite having fixed most of my skin problems with diet and lifestyle, I was having a hard time finding personal care products that were up to my healthy, synthetic-chemical free standards. That’s when Laura and I decided to get busy making plant-based products that are truly good for your body.

I’m excited to share these thoughtfully made products with my hometown of Cincinnati to aid in each of your journeys towards health and sustainability. 



I also grew up playing outside and loved foraging for berries and leaves to use in my concoctions. At age thirteen, I started researching and making own body care products and eventually created my own custom perfumes. 

It wasn’t until attending University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program for Fashion that I really began to understand the importance of sustainability and developed my love of research. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is one of the worst polluters of the environment and thrives on exploitation and excess. There are poor working conditions in many factories, very polluting practices for dying and the disposable nature of clothing means it often ends up getting shipped to developing countries where it disrupts the local economy and environment. 

Early on in my program I shifted my focus to sustainable practice and innovation. Now I am using my design experience, love of research and passion for sustainability to create clean products focused on beauty inside and out.